Så här presenteras Peter i lyrikprojektet Living Poetry:

Peter Wiberg PG2 “Peter is a classically trained composer whose works span the film, musical, radio and television industries with a variety of styles ranging fro
m early Viking music to neoclassical, world, pop and country.

When only three, he wrote his first song and began studies in composition with one of Sweden’s premier composers during his teens.His formal music study was at the University of Gothenburg.

An accomplished pianist and one of Sweden’s most experienced producers, Mr Wiberg brings a breadth of music flavors that adds new dimensions to whatever genre the film calls for.

His music is well known to all Swedes from some of the biggest outdoor facade shows in the country, as well as from his most frequently played title: The theme for SF, Swedish Film Industry, played since 1984 as a start of virtually all movie theatre shows in Sweden.”